18 April, 2011

Progress on holiday goals

It would be great to have check boxes on my blog so that I can tick off each goal as I reach it over the holidays!!

Today I have made a good start on my goals. I spent two hours with my lovely friend Miss Lisa and we chatted like crazy!! We are catching up again tomorrow, then Becc and I are going to garden on Wednesday (providing this rain goes away).

I also blew goal 4 out of the water!!! I have been putting off this job (pricing my left over tupperware in preparation for our joint garage sale) so today I went to the reject shop and bought some nice big plastic containers and as I priced, I packed into the boxes - so now it can all live in the shed rather than in the spare room, AND it will all stay mouse free!!!!

Yes, there are two large plastic boxes, 5 medium plastic boxes, 2 small plastic boxes and two zip up bags full of tupperware ready to be sold!!!! Bring on the garage sale I say!!

Now goal 2 (improving something in the garden each day) has not been one I could work on today as it has poured all day, however I feel that the glorious rain will be doing my job for me. It is, after all, giving my little planties vital nutrients and a soaking. I can hear them singing and growing as I peer at them through my window.

Just look at these little darlings....just poking their little heads out of the soil. Welcome to the world little ones!!!!

I also made a start on the spring  autumn clean of the study!! I'm going to power through these goals so I can have a few days to vege out on the couch I think!!!

Emily xoxo

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