26 April, 2011

Progress on goals - part 2

Remember my holiday goals??

1. Spend some quality time with my neglected friends - Becc, Lisa and Kylie. Check!
2. Improve one thing in the garden each day. Check!!
3. Spring Autumn clean the house (particularly the study also known as 'the bomb site'). Check!
4. Price all my left over tupperware from my demonstrator days for our combined Garage Sale... Check!
5. Move all things to be sold at the garage sale into the shed to free up space inside - links to goal 3
6. Plan for next term - start timetable
7. Do the photo challenges Moira has been sending me to get me back into taking photos... Check! (Am posting slowly about each of these challenges....she hasn't sent me one in a while, I'm thinking I might start using the POTD {photo of the day} ideas that Becky Higgins posts on Facebook.)

So I'm doing pretty well. It has been far to wet after the 4 1/2 inches of rain to work in the garden...soggy is the word, but I'm pleased with what I have accomplished so far.

I have also started to make some serious moves to construct some dresses for which the smocking has been completed (long long ago). I have the manual for my new overlocker out and ready to read, the dresses pinned and I plan on stitching them up tonight. Watch this space for photos after I convince Becc's darling girl to model for me!!

I can't cross out number 5, because there are garage sale bags and boxes stacked in various parts of the house - I'm worried about the mice in the shed and I can't afford to buy plastic boxes for it all. I also haven't started my timetable for next term...but that's ok...I'll get to it!!

Happy Easter everyone!

Emily xoxo

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  1. Have come over from Scrapbook Challenges....well done on getting through your goals!
    Alison xx