26 April, 2011

Photo challenge #4

#4 - Take a close up of some smocking, stitches, embroidery, fabric, etc.

I started this little dress called Morgan ages and ages ago. When I originally blocked the top of it, the threads were too tight, so to block it properly I had to cut them all out, I accidently also cut out the very top guide thread, which meant it had nothing to hold it in place when I stitch the neck binding on. I was frustrated, so I put it away. I got it out this week, finished the embroidery (above) and hand stitched a guide thread back through so that I could get the neck to the right size. It is now all pinned up and ready to go. I also finished the embroidery on a green gingham Morgan and a blue gingham Morgan! Planning on sewing them together tonight at craft!! Yay!!

Emily xoxo

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