24 April, 2011

The Great Garden Makeover - Part 3


In the past week we have had over 4 1/2 inches of rain. All my seedlings have been singing in happiness ever since! I can almost see them growing right before my eyes!! I can't wait to start eating my own produce!
Lettuce and Cherry Tomatoes!

Blurry looking Cabbages and Beetroots!
The vege garden! All mulched up and planted.

Becc and I have even discussed the possibility of me getting some chooks. I'm worried that Nugget (our dog) would eat them. Worth discussing with my darling hubbie...Becc also offered to 'board' a couple of chooks for me. I'll have to think about it, work out if it's worth trying to have them here first.... hmmmm.... not sure..

Emily xoxo

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