13 April, 2011

Preserving - the verdict on the peaches

If you read my post some weeks ago about my new preserving hobby (here) you will know that I spent a weekend in a preserving frenzy after Sam the vege man was in town. I preserved Peaches in diet lemonade (just to see how it would go and to reduce the sugar content) and tomato sauce for pasta!

I decided that we should probably use up the tinned peaches from the cupboard before cracking open the first of my home preserves. So with those cans all used up, we hooked into the peaches. Now when I originally learned to preserve, Ruth  showed me how to use diet softdrink in place of the high-in-sugar syrup and at that time we used an orange-mango diet softdrink. This variety was unavailable on the weekend that I was ready to preserve, so I thought, why not...I'll try diet lemonade. Now if you are a lemonade fan, then I'm sure that you would quite enjoy the unique flavour sensation I created...but I'm not so much a fan. I am persisting (as they aren't completely disgusting), but I won't be using lemonade again.

I'm looking forward to trying another flavour, and will see if Sam the man has any peaches next time he is in town...unlikely though as the season is just about over, but I'll keep my fingers crossed...you never know.

Emily xoxo

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