15 April, 2011

Another sleepless night....


Yes...I'm awake. Tonight has been my second sleepless night this week. I'm getting worried that something may be wrong with me...other than that I'm a chronic worrier... I am one of those people who lie in bed and can't stop my brain, my thoughts snowball and before I know it I'm lying there stressed out of my brain.

So tonight I lay there, tossed and turned for 2 whole hours, then decided to get up and use the time for something constructive....like blogging and reading other blogs.

My favourite blogs at the moment are:

Sew Many Ways, Make it and love it, Frugal and Thriving and Smiley Mum, Crafty Mum, Busy Mum (my buddy Becc). Seriously, if you are interested in living well and spending less, while being addicted to craft (sewing or whatever) then you will enjoy these blogs. I just spent an hour reading the latest blog on Sew Many Ways - clicking on each link and reading the tutorials. Just love it!!! I have heaps more blogs that I regularly read, and honestly my favourites do change a lot.

So here I am, relaxing in one of our glorious new recliners, reading back through posts getting ideas about how to recycle, re-organise and provide home grown produce for hubbie and I to eat, therefore saving at the supermarket. When I started this post, I did actually have something interesting in mind, but got side tracked with telling you about the blogs I like....oh well it may or may not come back to me, until then stay safe!

Emily xoxo

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