13 April, 2013

such a slack blogger...

Despite my best intentions I don't think I will ever be a frequent or prolific blogger. It's just the nature of my insanely busy life.

So, another post, another update....what's new for the Turkalj's???

Still no baby news unfortunately, however we are continuing to have considerable fun practicing...sorry that's probably too much information... hehehe.

The vege patch is going great guns at the moment. I have blanched and frozen nearly 2kgs of green beans in the last 2 weeks which is very exciting. I also picked a delicious looking cucumber today and there are 5 more baby ones growing. The vine is a true fighter...it never really took off but after rain it suddenly gets it's mojo on and produces a crop of cucumbers, which is very exciting. On our recent trip to Stanthorpe I took some runners from Mum's strawberry patch and they are doing really well so far. I've also planted snow peas ready for winter and plan to plant broccoli and cauliflower in the next few weeks. Carrots are in! The incredible zucchinis have declined and I'll be pulling out the only remaining plant this weekend. I'll also be knocking on pumpkins to see if any are ripe enough to harvest.

Work is going well for both of us, although our trip to the farm in Stanthorpe reminded us how much we miss home - home being the Warwick-Stanthorpe area. We have a huge soft spot for the farm as we were married there. We both would love to live close to Mum and Dad when they move back, particularly as they age and need someone close by but at the moment reality is that we need to stay where we are, and for the moment that is working out just fine.

I've lost a total of 6kgs during this round of the Michelle Bridges 12WBT and 16cm when I measured. I know I have become leaner and put on muscle since switching to the Lean and Fit program. I can now run for 11.5 minutes, I can do the rolling intervals beginner running and hills interval beginners running programs which is a HUGE deal for me. I'm going to Melbourne for the finale of this round and am trying to decide if I can afford to pay for the next round or not. I know its worth it as the accountability of weighing in each week is really what keeps me on track. I'm really very proud of what I have achieved with my exercise this round and although I would LOVE to say I've lost 10kgs this round I'm thrilled with my total so far...and I still have 3 weeks to go!

Beginning round 1-February
Week 9 - April 
Craft wise I've been a slacker...I have two half finished crochet cardigans and have started smocking a dress for the beautiful Miss Jemima for when she is a little older and walking around. Can't post picks because her Mama will see before I'm ready so you'll have to wait. I did finish my shaggy quilt and do some adjustments to pants that were too loose. My machine is due for a service though and is being tempermental as a result so I'll drop it to the super sewing shop I found in Singleton tomorrow.
My fnished Shaggy Quilt

Hmm...that's the important developments...for now!