20 April, 2011

Photo challenge #1

In June I'm due to go on a scrapbooking weekend with my scrapping girls from Warwick and Brisbane. While organising such an event, we banter about all manner of things via facebook, and amidst the frivolity I made the comment that I have not taken a photo since Christmas and that I had no idea what I would be scrapping this time around. Moira was shocked and horrified that I have so neglected my camera and as a result she decided to send me a text containing a phot challenge each day. Now given that she started last week - and I was in my crazy last week of school mode - I have only just started.

Photo challenge #1: Take a photograph or a series of photographs of object/s in your home that you love, that tell a story or have history.

The story of our table is one of chance meetings. In 2007 we bought a house in Warwick, a high set house, and the previous owners left a lot of stuff behind - the old kitchen benches, timber, bricks and an old paint covered table. We decided to keep it all and put it to good use as storage up off the ground. A year later I was offered a job in Roma and we moved. The removalist arrived to look at our things so that they came with a truck big enough for our stuff and I hadn't put any of the gear from downstairs on the list. He came up to me and said, "are you taking that silky oak table with you?" I replied with "What silky oak table?" He took me downstairs and showed me the table the previous owners had left there. So we decided to take it with us. Only a few weeks after arriving in Roma, we met a man who restores furniture and asked him to restore our table. He pulled it appart, put new dowling in it and polished it for us. You would never know it was the same, dry, paint covered table. It is one of the joys of our house. It is where we sit to eat together. It is where I have tea / coffee with my friends when they visit. It is where I blog. It is where sew. It is a wonderful table.

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