05 November, 2011

Scrapping the journey

In 2005 I joined weight watchers and lost 32kgs. I've now joined again and am hoping for the same success and to go even further. I'm trying to recreate that motivation I had by looking back at what I did. One of the things I really enjoyed doing was scrapbooking the journey and although the original album remains unfinished I am starting a new one for the new journey!! (I know that technically it's all one journey but I want a shiny new album!!)

Now as you have probably realised from my lack of posting, I haven't scrapbooked in a rediculously long time. So last night I sat down and created my cover page (below)!!

And this is the first page of my new album!!! Thanks Moira for your advice over the phone!!! You totally rock!

The plan is to take photos every 5 kg and at other special milestones. I already have two photos from the Community Garden, one before I started WW and the other was taken just after I cleared 5kg mark. At the moment I have only printed them on ordinary paper, but I will get proper prints so I can scrapbook them.

I'm really pleased with how it is all going. Although I've been home all week with a chest infection and laryngitis I've stuck to my points and on Monday we'll see how I went considering I did no exercise at all!! Let the shrinking commence!!

Emily xoxo