03 March, 2013

Consolidating 2 blogs into 1

I had thought that I could manage to run two blogs at once....silly me. I struggle to keep even 1 upt to date. So I'm copying the posts I put in my 'Weight Loss Blog' into this one....I mean really...this blog is about my life and this is how I'm changing it!!!

Tonight is the eve of my fourth round of the Michelle Bridges 12WBT and I have decided to dedicate this blog to my progress. Let me give you a short history of me.

I'm 34, a teacher, happily married and have been overweight (up and down) all my life. In 2010 I maxed out at 139.9kgs and took my life in my hands and started losing weight. I read an amazing book which is where the title for my blog came from, lost 7 kgs, tried another weight loss method and lost another 5 kgs, then joined Mish and have lost a further 20kgs.

Worth celebrating? Hell yes!!


End 2012
My last round didn't go exactly as I planned so this round I'm back on the wagon and I'm determined to get to double digits!! I'm currently 112kgs so I have to lose 13 to get into the DD's in 12 weeks. And I'm going to keep track here and in my Project Life!
For those of you joining me in this journey, I may not blog every day, but I will try to. Lets do it!!


  1. Whoo Em!!
    Those transformation photos are pretty impressive.
    (Even your camera lost weight - lol)

  2. LOL Debra, my poor old camera died and I now only have my phone...very sad....