03 March, 2013


Today began like my days have for the past two weeks, alarm went off at 4:30 - got up and dressed in my gym gear, drank the awful concoction the naturopath has me drinking, took my vitamins and by 5am I was in the car and on my way to Singleton to the Gym and Swim. Did my day one workout and burned through 469cals in 57mins.

Not bad if I do say so myself.

I really feel like I fell off the wagon big time last round. I made bad choices consistently and just didn't pick myself up and give myself a stern talking to, until two weeks ago. Then I joined the gym in Singleton and started going in the mornings before work. I've lost most of what I put on in my failed attempt...no lets be honest....I really didn't even try in Round 4. My most successful was round 2 in 2012 when I surrounded myself with a BRILLIANT bunch in Roma Qld. We all did it together, encouraged each other and supported each other and I've been a bit lost without their support. I've tried to link up with others here but have found it difficult living so far out of town.

this round will be different though. This round I have Jess, Mandy and we are adopting Hayley too. It's Mandy's first round, I think it might be Hayley's second and it's Jess' third. Hopefully together we will be an unstoppable force of positive energy to support each other. I really can't emphasis how much the positive energy of those around you influences your desire to succeed. It really does.

~ My 12WBT peeps from Roma, Qld ~ 

Looking at this picture it's hit home how much I miss working out with these girls. I really can't wait to get started with our little local group.

I was looking for a quote to sum up what I was saying before about the need for a supportive foundation, like a building, in your friends and workout mates but I found this instead.

I love this and it is so true. And with a supportive group they will make coping with the hurt, making the time, developing that will power muscle Mish talks about, making the decisions, the sacrifices and being dedicated enough to resist the temptations easier. That's what a supportive group does. Don't get me wrong, they also push you until you think you'll scream at them to leave you alone, until you do it and you get that beaming knowing smile from them - that is true support and friendship. If you don't have a supportive network, get out there and find one...build it yourself. Find one like minded person in your town and you will start to attract others to you.

Now that I've raved about support, support, SUPPORT, I thought I should post the before pics I took today!

I wore my tightest exercise gear to show exactly what was being covered up!! Can't wait to see the changes in 12 weeks, cause this round is MY ROUND!!!

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  1. Awesome Em. A support group is so important in every facet of our lives.

    I just wish mine would stop moving away!!
    You are going well, keep it up. I hope those girls know that they are on a winner with you in their "covern".