03 March, 2013

14/2/13 - Fitness test

A vital part of preparing for a round of the Michelle Bridges 12WBT is the series of preseason tasks. Each one is really important and I plan to go back and talk about some of the other tasks, but the one I want to focus on today is the fitness test.

Obviously with when trying to track ones progress, there needs to be a baseline or a starting point, and so we do a series of measurements and a fitness test to determine which program would suit us best. When I did my first round I started on the beginner program and then swapped to the intermediate somewhere in the middle. Because I had been going to gym classes for over a year, my fitness level was quite good and I quickly needed to be challenged.

In round 3 I still felt challenged and in round 4 (as I've already stated) I completely lost the plot. So you can imagine my utter surprise, horror even, when as I tallied up my results from the fitness test I realised that I needed to move up a level into the Advanced Lean and Fit program. Before deciding for real I did seek some advice. The only area in which I'm not in the advanced category is in the running - the time trial. I'm so proud of my improvements though. When I started I could only jog for 30 seconds then I needed a big rest. I can now jog faster and for 3 mins...on a treadmill but hey that is still a huge improvement.

The advice I recieved was to go with the Advanced Lean and Fit and just do interval running instead of the 15 min steady jogs.

Soooo....today I did my FIRST lean and fit workout. O M G it was tough but it made me realise that I hadn't been expecting enough of myself. I really really miss my workout buddies in Roma. Liz and Meagan would have kicked my ass long ago and told me to move up a program rather than just cruising....but no longer!!

This round is mine!

I will lose 10 kgs minimum.....13 would be THE BEST because that would put me in double digits.

SO its game on!


  1. I hope Liz and Megan read this, they should be warned.

  2. I don't think either of them read my blog....I don't think I ever gave them the link...lol slack huh. I'm still pushing on with Lean and fit...omg it is crazy and it hurts but in a good way...