03 March, 2013

15/2/13 - Goal Setting

Another reposted post from my now deleted Weight Loss blog.... Gotta get you all up to speed!!!

I find this part of the preseason tasks really hard.

I know what I want to achieve, but I know that setting unrealistic, unachievable goals can do serious damage when you don't achieve them. I'm sure you have all heard of SMART goals...I have in my work life as well as through 12WBT.

In essence a S.M.A.R.T goal is:
  • Specific: What exactly is your goal? To feel healthy is not specific. To Lose 2kg in a month is.
  • Measureable: Make sure you can measure your improvements along the way. For example you might have body shape measurements such as weight and blood pressure, or performance measurements such as running 4km without stopping.
  • Achievable: Is it actually possible to achieve your goal? In your heart you need to believe that you can actually get there.
  • Realistic: This is one notch higher than achievable. It might be possible for you to run a marathon (with the right amount of training) but is it realistic given your lifestyle factors?
  • Time Based: You need to set your goals against a timeframe.
With that in mind, here are my goals for this round.

  • To do every workout with enthusiasm and committment.
  • To develop a support network in my local area and be more active on support sites on FB and 12WBT forums.
  • To stick to the food plan like glue!
  • To lose on average 1kg per week during the challenge and get to double digits or as close as possible.
  • To increase the length of time I can jog at a consistent pace...currently 3mins - aiming for 5 mins first.
  • To be positive and kind to myself but allowing no excuses.
  • To keep focussed on my goals
  • To get into the size 16 skirt Marko bought me at the markets when we were first dating...I have NEVER been able to wear it as it has always been too small.
My goals for 2013:
  • To lose 20-30kgs.
  • To be able to run the whole time trial without stopping.
  • To document the journey.
  • To try new things and meet new like minded people.
  • To grow as much of our own organic produce as possible.
I'm anticipating needing to review these goals fairly regularly, so I'll commit to evaluating and adjusting at the milestone weeks 4, 8 and 12 through the round.

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