03 March, 2013

16/2/13 - Super Saturday Session Week 1

I am so excited to have a group of fabulous girls to do this round with!!! It's like an answered prayer!

This morning I drove out to Sandy Hollow to the lovely Mandy's for our SSS. It was her first ever and she completely kicked ass!!!! She did the beginners program and I did intermediate. I know, I know, I was supposed to do Advanced but she had already mapped out the 300m run and I really couldn't see myself running 400m so many times.

This workout was a hard-core arms workout and we sweated and grunted our way through it.

Before the workout!

After the workout...bit sweaty I am...
By the time we did the whole workout, I had burned about 600cals and Mandy was closer to 400cals so we decided to walk up and down her driveway which is probably 4-500m a couple of times. By the end I had burned 822cals and Mandy had burned a little over 600cals. Not bad at all!!!

Ready for our walk up and down the driveway with the kids.
When I got home, I vaccumed and did some mowing and burned another 575cals.
I'm really proud of both of us. Doing the workout together made it so much more fun and we encouraged each other the whole time.
So happy :)

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