03 March, 2013

24/2/13 - week 2 wrap up

What a slacker I've been.

Well in blogging land anyway.

This week I:

  • worked out EVERY day before work, then did the SSS with Mandy and Jess on Saturday.
  • kept my calorie count in control
  • and I lost 2.2kgs!!!

And then Saturday hit....OMG.

I take complete responsibility.

We were at the Nelson's when the wild weather hit and the anxiety from having been in similar situation in the Roma floods and the loss of a beautiful woman in last February's flood had what can only be discribed as a post-traumatic-stress type reaction. Unfortunately despite all my hard hard work, my default setting is still to fill that emotional pit with food. So I drank four glasses of wine, at rice crackers and dip. Admittedly the boys helped eat the crackers and dip so I guess it could have been a lot worse, but it has made me realise that as long as I'm in control its all good.

As soon as there is a situation I can't control with strong emotion (negative) attached I still default back to my emotional eating habits of the past.

So what to do?

I am not sure, but I sure as hell am not giving up. No fricking way!!! I think I just need to have a plan in place for next time, because there will be a next time. Another situation in which I automatically revert to that old behaviour. I'm not sure what I'll do to try and head off this situation next time, but i'm thinking I need some affirmation/Mish sayings on cards for in my wallet or something like that. Something easy to carry on me at all times that in times when I need a swift kick or reminder that 'Hey, that's not who you are anymore Em, you are NOT going to eat that'.

Whatever I decide I need to do it soon, because while I am not giving up, the situation did shake me. I just couldn't believe I was still capable of such mindless eating.

So I'll see it as a learning experience and move on. And keep on JFDI-ing!!


  1. Oh Em. You have been so strong. Good on you though for recognising the situation. (One step ahead of me there). Don't beat yourself up. You will work it out and it was a bloody stressful situation - chin up and move on.

    {Is it acceptable to start doing random exercise movements in unexpected places to keep you mind off the 'issue'? - just wondering if exercising through it would help}

  2. LOL oh Deb, I got a mental image of you doing random movements in all manner of unexpected places.

    I think for me, now knowing that I'm likely to react that way again, having something to distract me will be the key - something crafty too to keep my hands busy...Might have to start that spring time quilt...must get some pretty material....Might have to ring Colleen!!