29 January, 2011

Week 1, Term 1, 2011

I have:

1 Special Education Unit

16 Students with Disabilities

1.5 Special Education Teachers

2.5 Special Education Teacher Aides

11 Form class teachers

2 PE classes / week per form class

1 Music class / week per form class

3 Students with Physiotherapy programs

9 Students with Speech Therapy programs

My task:
To create a timetable in which all 16 students do not miss PE or Music, but recieve focused teaching in numeracy and literacy in the SEU, Social skilling, Life skills, Art, and Community Access as well as in class support from my 2.5 teacher aides.

The result:
An incredible headache.

3 days later, I have a timetable that I think is workable, now I'm trying to figure out the teacher aide timetables - figuring out when each student receives their speech, physio and in class support. I always figured that those who were responsible for timetables for whole schools must be insane, now I know they are. What I have come to realise is that you need a system otherwise it is sooo hard. So please take my advice and don't take those wonderful individuals who agonise over school timetables for granted. It is a seriously hard job!

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  1. Hi Emily
    Glad you survived week one & yes I hear your pain about the timetable. Keep breathing and it will sort itself out.