19 January, 2011

A new year

Yes, I do realise that I'm a little behind here, but humour me! I'm not normally one for making new year's resolutions, and I guess this year is no different. I'm more of a goals orientated person. So these are my goals for 2011:

1. To find ways to show my darling husband how much I love him, without using the words - inspired by the song More than words...remember that song. Oh it's an old favourite of mine. But yes, I think the old 'actions speak louder than words' is an important way to live - obviously I have no problem telling him I love him, but sometimes it's nice to be shown.

2. To find some sneaky ways of showing my family and friends how much I love them - maybe one Random Act of Kindness per month....hmmm perhaps even annonomously.... will think more on that one.

3. To stay focused about becoming healthier, listening to my body and taking care of my mental health too.

4. To get pregnant (I wanted this to be number 1..but re-thought that!)

5. To find time for my hobbies (smocking and scrapbooking) and actually get Cassie's dress finished.

6. To be a better housekeeper.

7. To establish better garden beds and soil to grow as much of my own food as possible.

8. To have a garage sale to get rid of all the demonstrator tupperware I have sitting in my lounge room.

9. To try to find ways of living a thriftier life....recycling and not spending so much money - particularly finding ways of using all the food we buy and not letting it spoil before it is eaten.

10. Sort through the boxes in the shed (after all we did move here 12 months ago).

I think that is plenty for now.....I'll keep you posted on how I'm going.

Emily xoxo

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  1. getting pregnant is sooo number 1. lol I won't tell anyone I swear!...love your goals they are very similar to mine ( except for the demonstrator tupperware but I do hope u sell yours...lol) xxxx