08 January, 2011

A crazy adventure!!

This adventure started early in the week when my buddy Becc asked me if I knew when Garage Sales were advertised in the fair city of Roma (where we live). I told her what I knew, that she would have to wait until Friday's paper. She asked me if I was interested in going to any garage sales that might be on and I said yes, little did I know I was in for an interesting day.

I bought the paper on Friday and we were thrilled to see that there were two Garage Sales on, one in Roma and one on a back road near Wallumbilla. Now Wallumbilla is about 15 mins out of Roma along the main highway towards Miles. I tried to convince Becc that my Ford Territory (a fake 4wd) rather than her station wagon, but she insisted that it would be fine. If I had a dollar for each time I said - see I told you we should have brought my car - I'd be rich!!

So Becc picked me up at 6:30 and we headed to Maccas for coffee and my breakfast, then to the first garage sale, which was a HUGE disappointment. We quickly left and thought it would be good to get a head start getting out to the other sale. Little did we know that even with 40 minutes we'd still arrive after 8 am.

Through the week I'd thought about googling the address of the sale, but thought we'd be ok. Becc decided to use her non-NavMan (another brand and I can't remember what it was called.)

When the going was good!!!

All was going well, we were laughing and joking, then suddenly the nav system told Becc she had to go 100m then do a Uturn.... we were a little shocked, however we did as it said. At this point I decided to consult my maps app on my iPhone. It told me to head back the way we'd come then turn up a little side road. We decided to follow my iPhone after I correctly pointed out to Becc that her Nav system had left us in the middle of nowhere.

So we journeyed back the way we'd come - back through the water that had Becc freaking out - and we went to turn up the side road, only it was a bush track. Becc just looked at me and said "this can't be it" I said " Nope it isn't lets keep going." We came to the side road and bravely turned onto it. It was a dirt road.

We inched along the road - No I'm not kidding, it was like being driven BY Miss Daisy -  and we came to some water. I told Becc not to freak out and that we could easily go through it. I told her to just go slow and steady (and she did). We kept going until we came to quite a large body of water covering the road and Becc refused to even consider crossing it which was of course very sensible. She freaked out a little (get a load of her face) and I had to calm her down. I told her to back slowly back to a gate I'd seen and use the gateway to turn around.

So we turned around and slowly and steadily we drove back through the numerous large puddles on the dirt road and headed back into the thriving matropolis that is Wallumbilla (populations under 500). We followed my iPhone through town and out passed the hospital - the way the paper said to come *rolls eyes* and onto a very solid dirt road.

Becc was driving like Miss Daisy this whole time - I'm sure she didn't go over 10kms. And then we came to more water....YES MORE WATER!!!

So at this point Becc pulled over (there was a car behind us) and adamently refused to drive through the water. For the millionth time I said, "If we'd brought my car..." Anyway the guy behind us sped up and wizzed around us and through the water which really wasn't very deep. Brave ole Becc said "Well if he can do it in that car I think I can do it"...she wasn't confident though. I egged her on saying of couse you can do it!!! And through we went.

We drove on....slowly....until we came to our destination.

And we couldn't see a single item out for sale. Another car was just leaving and two other cars had arrived at the same time as us. We couldn't believe it. We'd been saying for about a half an hour "this had better be worth it" and it looked like it was going to be a disaster....


HAHA just joking!!!

It turned out that all the gear was inside. These people had packed up everything they wanted to take to their new house, and everything that was left was for sale. We wandered through and saw a few things we liked. I was busy admiring some beautiful china when Becc pounced on an amazing find. A beautiful rocking chair (I'll put a link to her blog with a pick when she loads one). She raved about how she'd looked everywhere for one when she was pregnant and how excited she was... I of couse was jealous as hell really happy for her!!! I didn't buy anything there, because while I was admiring the rocking chair some bird swooped in and took the pretty china I was going to buy.

Becc and the old dude selling his stuff, found a way to cram the rocking chair into the back of the car beside the pram. And here's the kicker - she only paid $35 for it!!!!

The old bloke told us to go another way back into town and as we drove along we were horrified to find ourselves back on the original road we'd been on, minus the water - except for one small crossing that was barely more than a puddle.

But our grand adventure did not stop there.

As we drove back to town, Becc suggested that we go to the second hand store while we were out but first we had to go back to her house, unload the rocking chair and give Charlie a bottle. At the second hand shop Becc drooled over bookcases and we both drooled over beautiful hutches. As we were wandering around we found some real bargains! Bottles 10c each and even an old vacola $48!!! A stove top one, just what I'd been looking for. It was quite exciting and did redeem my day.

And next time, WE ARE GOING IN MY CAR!!!!

Emily xoxo


  1. ahem this is miss daisy speaking!!! I was doing 40km thankyou..that is all.......hahahahaha

  2. Oh you so were not!!! It was more like 20km!! I laugh every time I think about it!!

  3. lmao! Sounds like you had fun :D