15 January, 2011

Playing in the Mud

One of the payoffs of a wet holiday, was seeing these pictures of my niece and nephew enjoying the chance to play in the mud and dirty water. Mum took them on the day that they arrived at the camping ground. They picked the kids up and took them to Caloundra (their parents arrived a few days later),it rained as they arrived, then on and off as they set up. Eleanor and Jonah had a ball playing in the dirt and mud while Mum and Dad set up the campsite.  

Eleanor and Jonah playing in the muddy water.

Walking back to the campsite, oh so muddy but happy!!

Showing off their dirty butts while Mormie (their g'mother) took pictures!

There is nothing better than seeing kids being kids!! Too many kids spend hours playing video games rather than getting outside and interacting with others. I love that about camping, I guess we are camping purists, we don't take tv's, dvd's or computers. Mum and Dad are the same, but my siblings bring computers and dvd's with them to entertain themselves and the kids. I love the fact that when camping your life falls into a more natural rhythm - getting up early, eating when hungry rather than at set times, going to bed when it's dark. It is a simpler life and although it isn't one I choose for my life, I do enjoy that simpler life for a few weeks. I just hope that camping grounds do not become a thing of the past as councils sell up their beachside land for big bucks.

I love camping!!!!

Emily xoxo

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  1. My best wishes to you and to your kids! Let them grow glad, happy and healthy!