14 January, 2011

A town full of trucks!

Roma is currently a town full of trucks. Unhitched road trains line several streets of town and there are trucks without trailers parked all over town. I have heard that the show grounds is a sea of trucks, and I plan on walking down to check it out in the morning.

There are two reasons for Roma becoming a sea of trucks. 1 - the highways to the north, south and east are all cut, some at multiple places, so the trucks can't get to their destinations. 2 - The trucks that got as far as Roma have all fuelled up, draining the town of it's supply of diesel fuel. There is now no diesel fuel left for purchase in Roma.

So, there are trucks all over the place, yet not much food left in the shops. Marko said that he spoke to a truckie when he went to get fuel and he was saying that heaps of truckies are going to go broke. He said that big companies like woolies are refusing to pay the full amount due to the delivery being late - like they can help it - blame Mother Nature. This makes me so angry...as if Woolies can't afford to just pay them what they should.... anyway more trucks seem to arrive all the time and apparently Miles has even more! Certainly not a sight we see every day.

Emily xoxo

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