06 January, 2012

Looking forward and being more positive!

A lovely scrapbooking friend of mine shared this blog post today on facebook and I wanted to share it with you, my tiny but lovely group of followers. The blog is called Positively Positive and this post is about 12 tips for Happiness. I think that they are just wonderful and exactly what I needed to read today. Check it out! Seriously.

I'm so impressed that I may have to change my goals this year or just say I'm going to try and follow these 12 tips.

I'm so serious about it that I'm making myself a card to keep in my purse with the 12 tips on it, to remind myself. It is so easy to fall back into old habits of thinking, and my thoughts aren't always productive or positive, particularly about myself.

So here goes. In 2012 I am going to try really really hard to:

1. Let go of my 2011 baggage.

2. Change the conversation (for me this is my internal conversation) - focus on the positives and what I love about my life.

3. Give.

4. Take a ME break.

5. Get naked (hehehehe) with my truth and be authentic - I already try pretty hard to do this. I hate fake. I don't 'do' fake. Fake people, fake friendships annoy me.

6. Get Creative - I bought Project Life and have already started!!! Sewing, Scrapbooking and Smocking - the 3S's relax me and help me to keep life in perspective. When I felt close to burning out during 2011, what was I neglecting? My creative side. Not in 2012!!!

7. Do innovative exercise.

8. Practice the F-word (as in Forgiveness).

9. Eat mindfully - trying to lose weight!!

10. Be Authentic.

11. Sit back and receive (yes please, I'll take a baby or two please!)

12. Expect miracles (yes please, definately a baby or two!)

Anyone else think they might give this a try?

Emily xoxo


  1. A negative attitude can be so toxic to ones health and wellbeing so I'm very glad to see this! Hope 2012 is a much better, happier year for you!