03 January, 2012

Another new year!

With a crazy allergy attack that saw me rise with what appeared to be a bruiseless black eye, 2011 passed and 2012 arrived. We spent the evening exhaustedly playing ten pin bowling at the Nelson's on their Wii and had to leave before 12 due to my allergy attack. We did have heaps of fun earlier in the evening with the four boys playing with sparklers and glow sticks!!

So what do I see in store for me in 2012??

1 - My main goal is to not burn out this year at school - I know that sounds a bit drastic but I barely survived 2011 intact.

2 - I want to get fit and trim down - I know that has been my goal before, but I have already started this journey last year so all I have to do is keep the ball rolling!

3 - I bought Project Life for the first time and I intent to keep a record of this year and whatever it brings.

4 - Declutter and simplify

5 - Laugh more!

Emily xoxo

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