08 January, 2012

Back to Work

While most teachers still have another week or so (depending on how organised their classroom is) I start back tomorrow. That's right I said tomorrow. Why? Well I'm teaching Summer School again. Am I just a sucker for punishment? Perhaps, particularly when my lovely friend and her family only have 2 weeks left in town and I'm trying very hard not to get sad about it all... but that's another story...

So, Summer School. Originally I signed up just to do the June Summer School as a favour to the teacher who has been running it for years, as she was due to go on holidays, but right before SS started her husband was diagnosed with lymphoma and they left Roma in a whirlwind rush as they moved closer to doctors and treatments. I only had 5 kids at the last SS and I should have that many again. Plus the extra money was great!!

This time the unit is one I have read through many times before, and I helped my first year co-teacher teach this unit in our SEP last semester, so I'm reasonably happy that I don't have to spend hours and hours at school during the week. But I will be there a lot today. I have to go in and arrange all my furniture and make the place look nice again!!

So with great sadness, I say "Goodbye Summer holidays - it's been great" and "Hello School - I'm just about ready for your challenges" for another year!

Emily xoxo

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