14 August, 2011

Planting Raspberry Canes

When I was at the Garden Expo in Nambour over the school holidays, Becc and I went halves in a pack of 4 Raspberry Canes. Becc (being mad keen as she is and also living in a house they own) has already planted hers weeks ago, however I have been weighing up the pros and cons of planting them in pots or in the ground at our rental property.

This morning I found this information from a quick google search. Basically it says that growing Raspberries in pots is possible, so I'm going to give it a whirl. I need a container that is 15cm in diametre and has a 5 gallon (18.95 Litre) capacity. I recently bought some of those colourful flexible containers to use as pots (here) but I don't think their capacity will be close enough to 18.95L AND I only have 1 left. I was in Crazy's the other day and they had the same flexible tubs in 24L - perhaps too big. But I am going outside shortly to investigate.

Once I have them planted I will need to create some kind of  trellis that can support the canes as they grow. I don't want them going crazy and spilling all over the place so that we get our clothes caught on them. I am thinking about placing the tubs along one of our fences so I can simply tie them to the fence.... will update with photos and decisions!!

Emily xoxo

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  1. Cool. It will be good to see how they go. I will have to go and check out Becc's too.

    Living in rentals definately alters how we garden doesn't it.