18 August, 2011

The dreaded GASTRO

Yes, the dreaded Gastro struck my home, and more importantly me, on Sunday night. I have not been so sick in quite a long time and it has really knocked me about. Today is Thursday and I actually ate some breakfast this morning. I have been vomit free for over 36 hours and have not been living on the toilet for over 20 hours...progress. Thankfully the kind doctor took pity on me and gave me the whole week off in a doctor's certificate. Phew.. so today...well in the mail I received a note to inform me that the water would be off at my house from 9 - 3 for mains repairs (all I could think was thank goodness this didn't happen monday when I could have lived in the toilet instead of bed). So instead of another quiet recovery I got up ran a bathtub of water (for toilet flushing and the like), did two loads of washing, washed up from last night (too tired last night), made breakfast, hung out two loads of washing and am now exhausted....perhaps tomorrow I won't be up to working.

So today I am going to put on a movie and pull out some unfinished smocking projects. My two friends who lent me their pattern books want them all back, and while that is slightly tragic for me, it is a great reason to hurry up and finish some dresses!!

I will certainly be posting pics!

Emily xoxo

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  1. HI Em
    I am so glad you are up and moving again. What a shocker about the water. It is good you can rest though now the jobs are done & you don't have to worry.
    Enjoy smocking.