18 August, 2011

Unfinished smocking projects!

I'm following the lead of my friend Debra who has posted all of her UFO (un-fininished objects) onto her blog and is ticking them off as she goes, until I figure out how to do that I figured a post would probably do it just fine. I have divided the unfinished projects into 3 groups according to who owns the book it is out of...Serena, Lisa or me. Items from Serena and Lisa's books will have priority!

Serena's books:

Australian Smocking and embroidery issue

#56 - Morgan p. 44 - 3 pairs of frilly pants to finish, buttons and lace on dresses.

#54  - Bella p. 4 - pale green fabric

#59 - Beach Baby - only picture smocking done

#58 - Miss Daisy p. 18 - 2 one green gingham one blue gingham.

#53 - Child of Nature p. 20

#53 - Sunday Best p. 6

#59 - Coquette p. 36 - can't find the original pattern so will use this one to try and finish this dress.

Photocopy -

#59 - Sherbet Fizz

Lisa's Books:

Australian Smocking and embroidery issue:

My books:

#40 - The Birthday Girl p. 17
#70 - Birdsong - smocking and embroidery finished - needs to be sewn up

Can't find:
Cassie's dress or Angel...will have to keep looking!

So that is LOTS to finish in a short time!! Not any from Lisa's books like I thought though. So, now to prioritise and I have NO idea where to start...I may need some time to sort this out...

Ok update:

How stupid am I??? Well it took the gloriously intelligent Becc to point out that while I may not have enough ink in my printer/scanner to copy all the patterns, I could (AND WILL) scan them all to my computer so I can give all the books back!

Now this doesn't mean I don't want to finish some of these off, because now that I'm into it, I'm a bit excited to get them done. So today, still going to do some sewing, tomorrow I'll scan!!

Emily xoxo

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  1. Hi Em,
    I am flattered that I could be your inspiration.
    It you want to get your list onto your sidebar, go into Dashboard, Design and insert a gadget, "List". It is really that simple.

    I heard you had finished a couple of 'little person' smocking things, hope you post some photos.