16 May, 2011

The Great Garden Makeover - Part 4!

 Q. What does a girl do with her hard earned cash after a very successful Garage Sale?

A. This girl spends her hard earned cash at the local nursery!!!

After a late afternoon sale Saturday and an early morning sale Sunday morning, we found ourselves packing up what remained...mostly tupperware...so sad. We loaded all the 'I'm-not-taking-that-home-again' stuff into the boot of my car and Becc and I trooped off to Vinnies. After unloading at the donation bins, we headed for Plantaroma, our local nursery. There we drooled over many plants and couldn't decide on what we wanted.

Becc has been spending tons of her free time transforming her backyard from a bare piece of land, into a productive garden which in time will provide her family with delicious fresh produce. She has chooks and two garden beds already. You can read about Becc's exploits here.She is also pretty amazing in the kitchen and is inspiring me to live a greaner healthier life.

We spent over an hour at the nursery, having coffee and discussing the merits of different varieties of fruit trees - traditional vs dwarf. In the end I purchased a dwarf Lots O' Lemons, a weeping mulberry, a very healthy looking passionfruit and a large bag of premium potting mix. Becc purchased a Plum tree. Really, we could have gone crazy, but Becc has plans for most of the cash she made - new garden beds I think - and I have a car rego due...not exciting but necessary. 

We then stopped by Crazies (Crazy Clarks) and I bought 4 plastic tubs (pictured below), two hanging pots and a photo frame. 
I was only going to get pink, but decided I needed yellow for the lemon tree, and then also decided to get a purple one ( I know it looks blue in this photo - but it seriously IS purple). I would have rathered lime green but they didn't have any.

I found Marko's drill and drilled some drainage holes!!!

See!!! Purple!!!

I was originally going to put all the trees into the new pots, but decided that my new strawberries (from my trip to Charleville last weekend) desperately needed repotting, so they went into the two pink tubs.

Traditional strawberries

'Pinkie' strawberries

See, the pinkies have hot pink flowers rather than white!!! Eventually I'll mix them up for contrast, but for now they are in separate tubs.

My new gorgeous Lots O' Lemons!!! Doesn't it look healthy!!

And there are the new additions in their new home on the edge of the pavers!

The passionfruit in it's new pot/tub - the purple one that is pretending to be blue. I'm going to put up a wire trellis over that shocking plastic sheeting on the left of the picture and grow it up that rather than on the lattice. That corner gets scorched in summer and the pots can't be in the corner behind the plastic sheeting because it gets too hot. I'm hoping the passionfruit will keep it a little cooler once it covers that wall.

And here's some exciting discoveries!!! My potatoes have started to poke their heads through the layer of mulch!!! Once they are all up, I'll stack dirt around them and mulch again! So excited about the fresh produce I'm growing.  

I also decided to put this old old kitchen table that I don't use, out on the cement slab to use as a gardening table. I know it will get hammered out in the weather, but I'd rather repurpose this table than buy something new to go out there. Very exciting indeed!! All inspired by the lovely Becc!!!

And to cap of a glorious day and fabulous weekend, look at the sunset I got to enjoy! Several minutes later it was incredibly cold out, but I'm glad I got the photo!!!

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  1. Cool buckets Em. I love the photos of the empty buckets, they look like flower centres.

    Well done making enough cash to spoil yourself a little bit & pay the rego. All that is important.