22 May, 2011

Weekend wrap up

I love the third weekend of the month, the weekend when the Roma Farmers & Artisans Market is on. Sometimes Marko and I go together, sometimes I go with Becc. This weekend I went with Becc and I left poor sick Marko on the couch at home. Before hitting the markets we went to Mitre 10 and ordered the sleepers for Becc's new garden, then we headed on down to the Big Rig where the markets take place.

This was the fourth market (I think), and this time there were heaps more stalls. The last couple of times it has been raining and so many stalls haven't bothered to set up. I think also they are gradually building the variety and number of stalls.

So this week there were two nursery stalls, Snake gully bananas (with a wide range of fruit and vege), the local Lavander farm, Desert Limes, Colleen's patchwork fabric, the community garden stall, a coffee stall, a couple selling garden mulch, and I'm sure there were a couple of others.

I bought a heap of fresh fruit and vege (below), some material for an apron (watch this space for the post on making the apron), some of Cecily's honey, a bag of mulch, a lemon grass plant and a punnet of leek seedlings.

After we had finished at the markets, we picked up my new chooks then Becc and Charlie came to my place and we set up my new chooks in their new home and also put together my new corrogated raised garden beds.
My ladies!

I also repotted my weeping mulberry,

and my native violet.

This morning (Sunday) I put all my fruit and vege into my trusty Tupperware Fridge Mates and re-organised the fridge. The chooks happily received the rotten zucchini's I'd forgotten were in the bottom draw and the rockmelon that had gone off on the bench....what a waste..but at least they didn't go in the bin, instead I'll get them back in eggs....I hope.

Also on my To Do list today was mounding up the soil around my potatoes (more info to follow), planting out the remaining sweet pea seedlings, splitting and repotting the lemon grass, repotting the rosemary and checking out what garden maintenance needed to be done. I got all of these jobs done, plus I made a big batch of curried pumpkin and lentil soup, made mini quiches with Becc and tonight baked banana and raspberry bread.

Phew what a crazy weekend!! But oh how satisfied I am with all that I accomplished.

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