15 May, 2011

3 friends + all their unwanted items + a cold Saturday morning = 1 Massive Garage Sale

With our icey hands wrapped around burning hot cups of coffee, Becc and I sat in my driveway awaiting our first customers. Our hands were so cold that it hurt to hold the hot coffee cups for too long and we had to keep putting them down while we waited. It was 5am and  7.5 degrees outside and still we waited. When 6am hit, the temperature dropped to 5.8 degrees and stayed around 6 degrees until 7am, when our first customers arrived.

Why, I hear you ask, were we out at 5 am?? Well you can thank my helpful teacher aide for that. We advertised a 7am start and amazingly all our customers respected our starting time, but my teacher aide warned me that regardless of what time we advertised, people would turn up at 5am. So we sat there in the freezing cold and ended up getting a blanket for our knees. 

Here are the pictures we took at about 6am.

I was trying to sell all my tupperware from my days as a demonstrator and we also had appliances, dinner sets,

Thank goodness for my hot pink uggies!!

Glassware and my Yum Yum words from my kitchen in Warwick (sick of hanging on to them and I can't stick them up here).

Becc dancing with one of her mops, which sold out!!

Lisa's amazing range of photo frames!

In this very blurry photo you can see all the linen on the pink sheet, books on the tables at the back, Lisa's amazing doll's house from her classroom, big photos, small tv, dvd player, video and dvd player, other electronics, box of craft supplies.....the list goes on...

Clothes and shoes,

Old lounge chairs, plus there was a dog house, fish tank light, big fish tank ships, air compressor, and much, much more.

Once people started arriving, we had a steady flow of customers. One lady spent a massive $200!! We were seriously shocked. Anyway, Becc and I sat there chatting, working out change and laughing all day. Lisa joined us for two blocks of time when it fitted into her new incredibly strict routine with bubba and supplied our morning tea / lunch. Lisa's bub and Becc's bub had a lovely time playing with a box of tupperware games gifts and were just soo cute (The kids were cute, not the games gifts). Thank goodness Becc is so super organised and totally got how I wanted to keep track of the money. We tallied the purchases according to who was selling it as we went. I sorted the items and told Becc how much money was for each person, she then tallied the total and gave them their change while I put their purchase in a bag.

This morning I added up all the money and divided up our profit - we each made more money than we thought we would. I was a little disappointed that I didn't sell more Tupperware, but people wanted me to negotiate on price and I'm not willing to. I have to get back the money I put into it. So I sold a little, but not as much as I hoped.

And here is what is left over!

My glassware,

my tupperware,

Becc's mugs, glasses and my kitchenware still new in their boxes,

linen, puppets, pillows,

frames, flowers, hot curlers,

shoes, clothes, magazines and


Pretty awesome isn't it. We are really pleased!


  1. We ended up not packing up yesterday, and I've left up the signs on the posts outside - hoping that some of our early church goers will see our signs and come in. There was heaps of sport on yesterday and I think a lot of people (including my neighbour) were too busy to come, so who knows - we may sell some more today.

    Lisa and Becc will be coming over later today to help me pack it all away and I think there will be a big trip to Vinnies!!

    Meanwhile I need ideas about how I can sell my tupperware...Becc and Lisa suggested that I advertise packs on Facebook, have a market stall and put out a little catalogue every few weeks at school.

    Any other ideas???

  2. Great garage sale ladies. We are enjoying our few little purchases on the day.

    maybe try ebay for tupperware?