14 November, 2010

2 weeks later...

Like with any new lifestyle choice, changing your habititual behaviour is pivital to success. In my first week I was definately running high on motivation and had great results. Week 2 saw me so excited I weighed myself too often and was disappointed when I lost 1kg - as earlier in the week it looked like I'd lose another 2kg.


we went away for the weekend. Changed my routine. Not so great! I didn't think much about it before hand, and I tell you the planning is EVERYTHING. So we went to Biloela to visit my Aunt and Uncle. The had offered us their camper trailer to use over the Christmas break, but we had to drive up and collect it. Mum and Dad decided to also drive up and visit the rellies. It was a great trip and I did well with my food and eating only what my body wanted (I swear it did want the two donuts!!!). Then on Saturday night - all the Bilo rellies decended on my Aunt's house for dinner and to see us. Mainly I think it was about the free food...LOL.

Anyway my old habits kicked into action. The footy was on the tv, everyone was talking and there were so many distractions I didn't even check to see if I was hungry. I LOADED my plate with potato bake, lasagne and salad, and after the second bite the warning sign that I was full rang out. Unfortunately I was immediately distracted by my Dad handing me a rum (probably my third and I seriously don't need many). I then polished off the entire plate!! And then I had dessert. I was pretty good, only had the fruit salad and meringues - but by the time I finished I felt so incredibly sick. I thought I might be able to wait it out, but I felt like I needed to vomit it all up - and I wished later that I had. My stomach was so bloated and I was in agony - maybe this is all too much information... but it is what it is.
I went straight to bed and lay there dozing fitfully trying to get comfy. It was so painful that I have now a new resolve to think before I eat. As a result of either my binging weekend or the fact that I gain 2kg during this particular time of the month, my weight was up - I decided not to record it this week and wait for the coming Friday for things to even out. I guess it has made me realise that like changing any habit it is going to take time before I can eat only what I need without focussing completely on it almost every minute of the day to make sure I'm not piling the food into my mouth. I also need to plan ahead. I have two more weekends away coming up, one for my devine niece's Christening and one out to Charleville to visit my parents and test our skills at setting up the camper trailer.....so I'll have to make a plan of action! Sometime before Friday...

Emily xoxo

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