30 October, 2010


Well my new way of [trying to] thinking about food has paid off. This week I lost a massive 2.2kgs!!! It wasn't an easy week in some ways, yet in others it was a breeze. I didn't feel like I was on a diet, rather I felt like I could eat whatever I wanted - the difference was that I didn't eat just because I could. The hard part was finding food in my mouth or hand on my way to my mouth, without having made the concious choice to eat. I found it very interesting questioning myself when I thought I was hungry only to find I was feeling bored or tired.

I think I probably have cut back the quantity of food I consume buy up to 3/4, and I'm not hungry. I feel satisfied and happy - ewww you all say - yes I was way over eating ALL the time.

This week I'm focusing on expecting a little more from myself at the gym and continuing my good work from last week.

On a very very very exciting note, my tax return will be enough to cover the operation Marko has to have for us to have kids!! He has an appointment in November with the specialist then the op will be in January!!! Yay!!

Emily xoxo

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  1. Congratulations Hun!!! so happy for you and also congrats with affording the operation.. would love ya to come round 4 coffee sometime or we could meet up at Chapters? I will give u my number on tuesday and we'll make a date! Keep up the good work babe you know it will pay off! xxx