24 November, 2010

What can you possibly do with 70c?

The answer my blogging friends, is screw up your washing machine. Yes you heard correctly....SCREW UP THE WASHING MACHINE.

Several years ago my darling hubbie and I moved into a unit that had a laundry in a cupboard (a novel idea that I just loooove..but more on that another time) and our washing machine wouldn't fit into the small space provided...by like 4mm. So we went to our then local second hand washing machine guy and traded in our old machine for a front loader from a deceased estate. It is a wonderful machine, appart from how long it takes to do a cycle and it keeps our clothes lovely and clean.

Well, on Thursday of last week it decided to die. Well when I say die, it was happily washing away and then wouldn't drain. The clothes were still sitting in water. I did the only thing I could do, gathered up a heap of towels and slowly drained the bitch of a thing. I used vinegar and bicarb to flush out the drain pipe, and again it wouldn't drain. On Friday morning we moved it outside and drained it onto the grass... what a crappy end to a crappy week.

So we have been discussing what to do with it since then. We figure our house insurance should cover it, but it may not cost that much to fix. So this afternoon I took the back off it and had a looky inside...looked ok to me, so I thought I'd wait for the darling man to arrive home. He turned it over on it's side and opened up the pipes attached to the pump....and guess what fell out....

You guessed it!!!


Now I hear you gasp in horror but it gets worse. We laughed about the coins and put it back together (kinda one of those if you didn't laugh you'd cry moments) and I had the bright idea of testing out the machine before we bothered moving it back inside. I got the hose and filled the inside with water and we hooked it up the electricity and what do you know....it worked. It successfully drained itself.

Feeling very chuffed with ourselves we went off to our gym and worked really hard. When we got home we moved the machine back inside and put a load on. Next thing the darling hubbie is yelling from the laundry..... "there is water pouring out the door".... WTF!!!! So evidently while outside something not so great went wrong with the seal, and then the bitch wouldn't drain....again!!!

So plan of attack?

Tomorrow I am going to throw machine down the stairs ring the local machine repairer and get them to pick the damn thing up and give us a quote on how much it will be to fix it. I am also going to ring our insurer and find out what our excess would be on replacing a washing machine....then I'll throw it down the damn stairs.

I do apologise for the angry content of the above post....I am excessively frustrated!!!

Emily xoxo


  1. I hope you machine doesn't cost too much to get fixed.
    Just popped in from Smiley Mum, Crafty Mum, Busy Mum.
    Take care
    Nanny x

  2. Oh no!! That's terrible, you poor thing- who would have thought that 70 cents could case so much damage??

    Thanks for playing FlogYoBlog. I added your link to the list :)