13 October, 2010

Holiday album

Inspiration struck in a major way over the weekend and I pulled out a Kaiser album that I've had for at least 12 months and I decided to turn it into a holiday mini album. I was inspired by my dear friend Moira who created all the the pages of her road trip album (seen here) prior to going on her holiday. She then took the album and a small stash that all co-ordinated with her papers and she added photos and postit notes of what they did as they travelled. When she got home there wasn't too much more to do with it other than to print out journalling and add titles and extra embellishments. Inspiring isn't she!

So I have set about creating a 'Dicky Beach' mini album. This Christmas will be our third year going to Dicky Beach caravan park camping. My entire family goes, and this year we have tried to book four joining sites (well I still haven't booked so we'll see where we end up). I am planning to have the whole mini album covered and additional pages added before leaving for the holiday. Over the two weeks I will take lots of pics and get them printed down there and add them in while it's all fresh. I haven't photographed what I've done so far, but I'll do that for you all tomorrow. In the meantime, check out Moira's road trip album. I LOVE it and she's had it published in a magazine - I forget which one.

Emily xoxo


  1. the album is looking great..I should do the same thing but I havent done one of those albums before...scary...I finished the title on that page I was workin on Tuesday night and am very happy with it ..look forward to our paper bag challenge in a couple of weeks! xx

  2. Oh me too!! I'm excited. I'll post here to let you know how many photos you'll need and the size. Hey, our other scrapping buddy hasn't emailed me yet and my hubbie is so keen for that job. Can you hurry her along??