08 May, 2010

Week in the Life - photos

So I went out and got my photos printed today and they cost me an absolute fortune. I know the album will be worth it in the long run, but I made a severe error in judgement. When I was making those lovely embellishments (previous post) I worked out that if I rotated all my photos and cropped them so I could have them printed as half photos (2 to a 6x4) they would all be able to be trimmed down to the right size.

I forgot to rotate and crop before I took them to be printed. I must have had a brain fart... what else could have made me completely stuff up my photos (which may I remind you cost a FORTUNE).

Ok so all is NOT lost. I will just have to trim my embellishments down to match my photos. Not a complete disaster, but I can't imagine Ali ever screwed her project up this much. So here is the plan of action:

Step 1. Have a rum to soothe my nerves.

Step 2. Make dinner to fill my belly.

Step 3. Measure and crop photos then measure and trim down embellishments.

Step 4. Sort photos into the 7 days.

That will probably be as far as I get tonight.

In other news, I won a first prize at the Roma Show for one of my layouts and a second prize for another. I will photograph them and post the pictures tomorrow after I collect them in the morning.

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