02 May, 2010

A place for everything and everything in it's place!

Remember these photos??

Well the horrible mess that was once my study/scrapbooking room is no longer. I moved the computer desk and turned it so that there are now effectively two work spaces separated by a bookshelf. Both desks face the window, with the scrapbooking work area right under the window for optimum natural light. I'm really quite pleased with my achievement. It has been on my 'gonna-do' list since we moved in here (late December).
Now it looks like this:

I'm actually inspired to create now! I am working my way through the tasks in Design your Life, paticipated in Week in the Life (now to decide what format it will take) and am ready to go with the photography course I enrolled in. I'm also re-reading Ali Edwards' book 'Life Artist' - which I love.
The first time I read it I thought 'that's all very well if you are brave enough to throw the perceived rule book out the window, but it isn't me'. Now, three years later, I'm reading thinking 'yeah, she's right'. It's amazing the way we change and grow. I'm just three years behind... developmental delays perhaps. In her book she says that blogging is a great way to encourage journalling, which I suck at, so I'm pleased that I have started - and amazingly am maintaining.
Have an inspired week to those of you who are reading!


  1. Hey, Em. Your space is super organized! I love that you have a space for your computer (and hopefully printer).

    I agree with Ali on the blogging thing -- I am not so good at it but have been doing much better. I have had my blog for several years now and I just wrote my 400th entry a few days ago.

    We should encourage each other to continue blogging -- and scrap our everyday lives.

    My friend, Laura, and I started a scrapbook challenge in February to get us scrappin' more and make more pages about us. You should definitely join us. There are a couple of girls who have joined us since our first challenge and we're all having a blast. You can check out our latest challenge called "Right Now" on my blog.

    I'm so glad that you found me online! Looking forward to seeing your Week in the Life pages! Post them soon ....

  2. Wow you are my first commenter ever!!! Thanks so much!! I'm so keen to keep in contact and also keen to get involved in your challenge. I'm slowly getting to my Week in the Life pages and just posted about it!