01 May, 2010

A week in the life

Day 7 - Saturday morning.

I'm feeling lots better this morning due to the clear thinking advice of a new friend. I had made a comment on Ali Edwards blog about how difficult I was finding remembering to take photos and someone replied saying I should check out Simply Autumn's blog because it looked like she was a teacher. So off I went. Autumn's blog is great and I am now a regular follower. So yesterday I (sounding quite pitiful) asked her what she thought I should do, seeing as I'd taken NO photos yesterday. I guess I wanted someone else to just say, don't worry about it, take extras next week at school and add them in! Which is exactly what she said. I mean I am doing this project for my future family and self, and I know my weeks are pretty similar so it shouldn't matter too much. I'm also going enlist Gina, one of my students, to remind me to take photos each day. She'll be on my case to remember which will be good.

So I'm having a day at home today, maybe a little shopping and some housework and I've already photographed my ugg boots (it's cold this morning) and my breakfast, so yay me! Here's to moving on and getting the job done!!

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