25 April, 2010

A week in the Life project

All week I have been following Ali Edwards and her documentation of her 'A Week in the Life' project. I have been planning to have a go, but in typical Emily fashion, have done no preparation what-so-ever. I have decided to start TODAY - yes I am completely insane, however I want to document Anzac Day (today) in my week and Heroes Avenue here in Roma. I have no album size in mind, have no quick journaling tools set up and on Friday I left my camera at school! Not an ideal start to my 'A Week in the Life' project! So an early morning drive to school to retrieve my camera, followed by a coffee and google search to find out when the Anzac Day march starts and I'm on my way. I have sent instructions with Marko (who is scrutineering at the drags) to get his picture taken while inspecting engines and in front of some of the cars, as I won't make it out there myself.

Back to Ali Edwards. I just LOVE her blog, if you haven't checked in out and you are a mad scrapbooker like myself then you will LOVE IT TOO! I have been inspired by her beautiful layouts for a number of years now and own her book Life Artist, which of course I love. Until I read her blog this week about taking her 'A Week in the Life' photos, I had never used the timer on my camera. I have played with it a bit this week to get used to it before starting to take my own 'A Week in the Life' pics. I like how she doesn't clean up before taking her photos, don't get the wrong idea - her house is beautiful, but there are dishes in the sink and papers on her desk. It's real, not posed. This makes me feel better about my untidy home.

And so it begins...

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