30 April, 2010

The last couple of days...

Ok, so next year when I do the week in the life project, I am going to follow the great advice of scrappers that have gone before me and really plan my photo taking and filing a bit better. The last few days have been insane at school - IEP meetings, staff meetings... meetings, meetings, meetings. And did I take photos, I hear you ask..some not as many as I planned. I'm pretty disappointed with my efforts, but I will just have to journal more I guess.
So here is Day 4 - Wednesday

Ironing Marko's work shirt. Sometimes when I'm energetic I do them all on the weekend, this week was an iron-as-we-need-it week.

Coffee and porridge for breaky at the computer checking in with emails and blogs for inspiration before work.

First order of business at school is to put on the kettle, for another coffee.

A very long and exhausting day at school and the result is this, I'm in bed at 5:30 in the afternoon. I ended up sleeping for an hour.

My beautiful lamp.

The books on my beside table. Both finished...looking for a new book to read..

My m&m jar....mmmm

And here is Day 5 - Thursday...a much better photo day.

Alarm didn't go off this morning, when I woke up at 6:20 to the sounds of Marko having a shower the clock read 2:09am....not right!!! I hate feeling like I'm running late even before I'm out of bed. Really it was just psychological because I normally get out of bed at 6:30, however it's a decision I make to stay in bed and doze while Marko showers...
Showered and dress. Still in love with my new shoes. Love how they look with my gorgeous Lime green pants!!
Ah the things we put in our hair to make it look beautiful or at least not feral!!

Finally!! A picture of my teaching area. So here's the deal. I teach in a Special Education Unit. I work with two student with Autism (one profound and non verbal, one fairly high functioning), three students with Intellectual Impairments, one student with an aquired brain injury and one student with Speech Language Impairment. I have one full time Teacher aide and two part timer Teacher aides. I have two classrooms, a bathroom big enough for a wheel chair, a kitchen, a 'chill out room' and an office. We also have a fenced outdoor area where we set up obstacle courses for gross motor development. So this is where I do most of my formal teaching!

Referring to syllabus documents while finishing planning our new Math unit.

Not happy, spent an hour of non-contact time planning the new Math unit then accidently deleted the WHOLE THING... Here I am going back through the documents to the right page to start all over...
Now if only someone could design a shoe as gorgeous as my new black ones, but as comfy as my white stingrays.... they'd be worth a fortune.

Nothing beats a nice cold pepsi max while reading the latest posts on my favourite blogs.

Gym gear ready for when Marko walks in the door.

My new, insanely expensive, gym shoes.

Yummy, spag bol for dinner after gym workouts.

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