27 April, 2010

A week in the Life - Day 3

Tuesday 27th April

Ok so day 3 hasn't been my best day of the week in the life project so far. I barely took any photos at all. My main problem is that I am a school teacher and I simply can't take a ton of photos at school of me working with the kids... child protection issues etc. So I'm feeling a bit disappointed. I had the best day at school with so much success so how do I record it without the pictures to go with it?? Help me please.

My honey watching some morning TV before heading to work. Oooh chilly morning, had to dig out his work jacket.

My totally gorgeous new shoes that I love!! My insanely long toes.... hmm there is definately a layout in the topic of toes and my family... interesting thought.

Ahh my lovely pink hair dryer.. keeping my do looking good presentable.

Making our bed..

Mmmm porridge for breakfast..

Ready for school, and whatever the day may bring.

I totally love our car (that I get to drive every day).

Closing the gate so our mad dog Nugget doesn't terrorise the neighbourhood. Hmm no photos of Nugget yet, should remedy that and put it on my to do list.

The protype invitation for Lisa's it's-not-a-baby-shower afternoon tea. She flipped when I showed her...in a good way. Now I have to make 22 of the suckers... here I was thinking 15 might be enough....
I'm hoping for a better day of taking photos tomorrow and waiting for some inspiration to strike as to how I can include the student's without including them, if you know what I mean.

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