10 September, 2013

updating PL

After the month from hell I decided this afternoon to sit down and figure out how the hell to document it in my Project Life album.

After losing our Angel baby, I did not take a single photo. I did not find anything I wanted to capture from the month. I think it has just been too painful. so here is what I decided to do - condense 4 weeks which should have stretched over 4 double page spreads, into 1 double page spread. Using my trusty digital elements and photoshop I have printed my blog posts in place of photos.

And here is how it is looking so far...

Title page - not complete

week 31 - waiting for photos

weeks 32, 33, 34 and beginning of week 35:

So, weeks 32 and 33, using a blog post below.

Long blog post "Shattered dreams"
Weeks 34 and beginning of week 35 last few days of August...
The summary page isn't finished yet but I feel better having put it together. 

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