16 August, 2013

Sore Eyes, Broken Heart

Well after a couple of good days (when I say good days, I mean days when I didn't do more than get tears in my eyes - they didn't multiply and run down my face in rivers), last night I lost it again. I cried for hours over kind words and the babies of friends in my life - so much so that today my eyes are puffy and sore...Please don't stop sharing their photos, I want to know them, I just have moments of devastating sadness when my heart breaks all over again when I realise I'll never hold our little Angel baby...

Admidst the tears last night I decided I need to do something to memorialise our baby. I can't decide between white roses for innocence or the flowers of the month our angel would have been due, Gladiolis for March. It would have been late March or early April, but for my own sake I've decided on March.

Not sure...a close friend lost a baby at 12 weeks years ago and she has a rose. It blooms every year on her due date....she also has a ring with what would have been it's birth stone, I love that idea too... Not really sure and I have time to decide. I guess I will know what is right for me when I see it.


  1. Oh Em. you will find something for you. Keep breathing.


  2. Your right you will know, don't rush this grieving process hon, there is no time limit on how long it takes for you to feel better. I personally went with a tattoo well it's designed and ready to go around my belly button and up my side once I'm finished with kids (and lost more weight)