11 May, 2013

12WBT Round 1 Finale - Melbourne

What an amazing weekend in Melbourne!! I happily finished off Round 1 7.1kgs lighter and 26cm smaller!! Not quite the 10kgs I was aiming for, but I was thrilled anyway.
So Friday morning I collected Hayley (way too early - got my times mixed up) and we headed to the airport.
In Melbourne it was absoluetly freezing and we shivered like crazy while we waited for the gorgeous Michelle Maz to pick us up to take us to the Crown Promenard where we were staying. When we got there and had checked in we basically got changed and went out again for drinks with the 30+ 12WBT Facebook group. It was kind of sureal seeing all these people that we know on the net but haven't seen in real life before, but it was heaps of fun!

Hayley and I at drinks!
Saturday morning we were up bright and early, downstairs waiting for the rest of our crew to head to the group workout. All the Melbourne girls were volunteering to help out so Hayley and I went with them - even though it was only just light outside!

While Michelle and the others all got training on what their job was and how to do it, a small group of us walked back up the road and found a little cafe to have breaky in. Knowing we had a big morning ahead of us we knew it was important to fuel our bodies in preparation!

My delicious coffee!

Back at the group workout it started to rain and we weren't sure whether we would risk working out in the cold - I certainly didn't want to get sick!!! Where is that JFDI attitude I hear you ask....well it made an appearance!!!
And then the sun came out! And the jumpers came off!

Our group photo with Mish!
We then high tailed it back to the hotel, showered, ate subway and dried our hair ready for our makeovers.

Hayley and I scored big time with our makeup and hair stylists!!! Tenille Larcombe did our hair and Bec Woodrow did our makeup. I couldn't have been happier with the result!!

During  - with Tenille...

The back - stunning wasn't it!!

Halfway - Hayley with make up done, me with hair done....

After!!! Super happy!

Awesome sparkly eyes and fake eyelashes!
I was super excited to get my new dress on, Marko had been unable to get the zip up at home but it wasn't that it didn't fit like I thought but just that his big man fingers couldn't work the zip. The lovely Tania (who shared our room) and Hayley got me into it!!!

Dressed for the party!

With my makeup stylist Becc (cause she had to see me dressed and do a little touch up)
With Tenille!

Full length shot!

Close up....

Posing for the professional photographer with Hayley!
Honestly I have to say it was an inspirational experience. Watching the top 10 go up on stage and the winners announced. It was just wonderful. Can't wait to get into round 2 and achieve more of my goals!!


  1. Way to go Emily,you are looking great!! Gayle

  2. Awesome Em. Looking fabulous. I love that you get a hair & makeup stylist. Nice.