03 November, 2012

The Arrival of Project Life 2013

I realise it is kind of weird showing you my album and it's insides for 2013 before finishing off 2012, but I was SO excited to receive it this week.

Project Life in it's box!

Jess messaged me while I was at work to tell me hers had arrived and I was worried that mine wouldn't come on the same day, but she drove past my place and text me to say it was there!! So after an excited afternoon of trying to concentrate at work while knowing Project Life (PL) was waitng for me at home, I headed to Jess' so we could play together.

We photographed, giggled, unpacked and arranged all the components of our kits. You can read Jess' post about it here. We were like kids in a lolly shop! It was so fun.

Jess and I with our kits.

Project life is the brain child of Becky Higgins. You can purchase kits in a variety of ways from here. I chose to purchase the Amber Starter kit because it came with everything I needed. I did think that the kit would look like this:

With a beautiful yellow binder, and instead received this:

A week later, I'm still a little disappointed it isn't yellow but I do quite like the limey-yellow folder and it's lovely cards.

A starter kit contains:

  • A binder
  • 60 Becky Higgins Photo Pocket Pages
  • 500 Journaling cards
  • 40 Bi-fold Journaling cards
  • 8 First Page Cards
  • 8 Last page Cards
  • 60 4x6 title Cards
  • 12 Month Dividers
On the Craft House website you can purchase all sorts of other accessories, like designer paper and lots of other goodies but I chose to keep it simple for now.

The box of cards!

Inside looking at the cards!

Journaling Cards
More Journaling Cards

Even More Journaling Cards

Journaling Cards and First and Last page cards

4x6 First and Last Page Cards

4x6 Title Cards

4x6 Title Cards

4x6 Title Cards

4x6 Title Cards

Bi-fold Journaling cards

Bi-fold Journaling cards
So then I set up my first page:


And last page:

I then worked out the order for the cards and started putting them into my folder. It is seriously beautiful. I'm so jealous that Jess is already planning for next year when I have to keep my mind on getting 2012 finished off. But I'm taking notes and getting my ideas sorted.
A well earned cuppa while sorting cards!
Thanks so much for a wonderful evening Jess! I had a great time.


  1. I had fun too! I promise to remind you it's still 2012 - and you have to finish this years PL - before you're allowed to play with your new toys.

  2. Too cool.
    Emily you are going so well on 2012, you will finish (and Jess will be in waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy to much trouble if you dont)

  3. I'm going to photograph where I'm up to and post about it just for you Deb!!