18 February, 2012

Project Life

I have been a follower of Becky Higgins' blog for some time, and have watched/read as many of the other scrappy bloggers I follow have embarked on the Project Life adventure. Last year I decided that I was really going to do it and pre-ordered my Clemintine kit. It arrived in late December and I spent a few hours on the phone to Moira while I sorted it out, and set it up. I've had a few teething problems, like figuring out which is the best collage app to use, and how to get white borders on my photos using snapfish. I've just received my last batch of photos but I'll have to reprint as some didn't get a thick enough white border. So, here are weeks 1-6 as they stand so far. I'm missing a few photos and one journalling card...but that is pretty darned good!!!

Week 1 - 2012

 Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

I'm yet to figure out how to present these newspaper clippings.

I'll reprint these so they aren't sideways..but for now this will do!

Emily xoxo

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  1. Cool Emily. You will have to bring it to craft on Tuesday night to explain the concept to me. It looks like you are off to a great start though.