09 June, 2011

My new best friend!!

The last time we went to Charleville, we went shopping with Mum and Dad at the local Mitre 10 and I purchased a "Grandpa's Weeder" (pictured below).

It works like this! (Apologies for the blurry photo) You choose the plant you wish to remove from your lawn or garden. Carefully place the prongs around the base of the plant...

 Use your foot to push the weeder down into the ground,  

until your foot is on the ground and the weeder is as deep into the soil as you can get it. 

Use the piece of metal that is at a right angle to the handle, which you used to push it into the ground as a lever, this will cause the prongs at the end to close around the stem and roots of the plant and as you lean it back further on the lever the weed will be pulled out of the ground. All without bending over!

See my new best friend!!!

Emily xoxo

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