19 February, 2011

Finding some much needed balance....

So obviously things still haven't really fallen into a rhythm at school or you'd have heard from me before now. I am really struggling to get some balance back. I've always been a super committed teacher but these first 4 weeks have been a little rediculous, I have been at school by 7 every morning and not home before 5. On a positive note, I did go back to my weekly craft group (UFO's - Un-Finished Objects) and we also started back at the gym on Wednesday. Despite this the balance I had last year isn't back yet. I'm not seeing my friends (unless they are at school, go to craft or are gym members) and I miss them. 

My dad was in town earlier in the week and he is a school guidance officer - so he guided me. We had a big chat about what is going on. Basically the biggest issue I'm dealing with is that this year I am dividing my support and teaching time between 16 students, where last year I had between 7 and 9 at varying times of the year. As mentioned in my previous post about the timetable, it has been a nightmare trying to get them all accessing my programs and then offer in class support. I'm starting to realise that I can only do what I can do and that my student's teachers are going to have to start taking a little more responsibility. I have been feeling like Bilbo Baggins (lord of the rings) - like I am spread too thin, like too little butter across too much bread ( or something like that). Part of the answer (dad's suggestion) is going to be showing class teachers how I arrived at my timetable and how complex it is. They only see the one or two students they have, not the big picture, so I need to explain it to them. 

Realistically, things are actually running very well. My students are generally coping. We have only had a couple of worrying incidents, but these would have happened whether or not there were more teachers assigned to the SEU. We are really motoring along well, it's just that damn list of things I need to finalise that I never get to - like finishing alignment planners to hand in (units are planned and going very well though), duty roster for the SEU, our stationary order (which I should have had done in week 1 and off to SDS so we'd have had it back by now), and the list goes on and on and on. 

I just need some balance...and to see my friends. So to my lovely friends who aren't seeing me...I do still love you all and I desperately need to see you but I just don't know when I can fit it in!!!! Hopefully I'll see you all soon!!

Emily xoxo 


  1. we miss you too!!! But take your time , getting the things done you need to get done and we will be here waiting for you!! xxx much luv xxx

  2. Hi Emily

    Aren't Dads great. My Dad has the knack of giving the right advice too. Take his lead and see what happens. And yeah, the friends worth having will be there when you need them, or when you come up for air.