04 December, 2010

Week 9 - finished

The school year is coming to a close (just finished week 9) and things just keep getting busier!! You'd think they'd be slowing down, but there is just so much to cram into these last couple of weeks. I'm finished my reports (thank goodness - what a nightmare they were) and so I have been able to focus on the other things we have had planned.

On Tuesday we held a Christmas Party for all the teachers, admin staff, cleaners and grounds staff who work with or do things for those us who work in the SEU. My students wrote and made the invitations and we have been busily baking all term (and filling my deep freezer) in preparation. The kids spent the day before wrapping and putting tags on the individual Christmas cakes they were going to give out as gifts and the two hours before the party cutting up fruit, making dips, heating mini quiches, making sandwiches, heating cheerios and putting sweets onto trays. The party itself was a HUGE success. I have had emails almost every day congratulating us on the party.

Then we did it all over again on Wednesday for the parents of our students. That party was a little more relaxed but just as much food had to be prepared,  so Wednesday arvo I was already exhausted. We had a pretty low key days Thursday and Friday trying to recover.

This week coming will be insane too. On Wednesday we have to move all the furniture off the wet area floor so the cleaners can scrub the floor on Thursday - while we are at the Bowls Club for Barefoot Bowls. Then on Friday we move all the furniture and resources from the carpet onto the newly scrubbed wet area floor so that the carpets can be cleaned.

A busy few days still to come..

 Emily xoxo

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