01 December, 2010

Getting healthier...slowly

Remember back when I took a photo of myself in my gym gear a few months ago? Well 8 kgs later I decided to take another picture.

Can you spot a difference?

Photo from a few months ago

 Today's photo

Honestly, I can't. Maybe the shirt is a little looser areound the abdomenal area, and maybe there isn't as much lumpy padding on my side under my arm now.... not sure. I do know that I have lost 8kgs and I know my clothes fit better. I did measure myself a month or so ago, but my home computer has died and I can't access the file with the details, at this time. Apparently I can try starting up in safe mode to access photos and data. I'll try on the weekend.

I had my third Zumba class this week, and I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. It has certainly proved to me that I'm fitter than I thought and can push myself a little harder when I do my normal workouts.

Today... I JOGGED.

For the first time in years. I jogged 1 minute, walked 1, jogged 1, walked 1 and jogged 1. How great am I!!! So I'm slowly making progress. I keep looking at the gorgeous pants I bought from Entitled online and can't wait to fit into them.

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