10 July, 2010

Scrapbooking Weekend

What a weekend!

6 or 7 friends, 2 motel rooms, 3 days, 2 nights, a conference room, lots of snacks, great food and a room full of scrapbooking supplies.

I loaded up the car (below) and drove to Toowoomba. 4 hours of listening to the audio unabridged reading of Eclipse and I arrived. Moira had booked two rooms at the Grammer View Motel. I was sharing with Moira and Michaela. We started scrapping on the Friday and kept going until Sunday.

Our tables...

Moira had organised a range of challenges for us to complete,

Then because we all finished those challenges, she set us some more!!

It was such a great weekend. The others finished amazing amounts of layouts, however I took the slow and steady approach and am thoroughly delighted with all of my layouts.

This one is not finished yet, I'll post the finished product...needs stitching and flowers!!

I am planning to journal in brown around the very edge of this layout, but won't do so until I'm am happy with what I've written!

Ahhh my other hobby. The art of smocking, this layout shows the process of pleating a full yoke.

My very late creation for one of the circle journals that are well overdue to be finished. Unfortunately some have been lost...not happy about that. I guess if we ever embark upon another of these we will keep it within a smaller group and meet to exchange the journals.

I'm really really pleased with this one. There is a pocket with a journalling tag behind the photo. It reads : "When your birthday party started you were dressed as a beautiful fairy. After three hours of fun with your friends, you had lost your wings, your fairy outfit, your shoes and your hair was no longer perfectly arranged. Sitting on the lounge, singing loudly with your dad, you were a perfectly contented fallen fairy."

I'm not happy with how I did the journalling on this one. I plan on typing it and printing it out and laying it over what I hand wrote. It is the chorus of the Brandan Walmsley song titled "Bottle Tree Lane" - Remember the good things the good Lord has given, Remember that love will remain, Here's to the wonderful life that we're living, We owe it to Bottle Tree Lane, Don't forget Bottle Tree Lane.
This song never fails to bring tears to my eyes, it is just beautiful and was written about Heroes Avenue here in Roma. Each of the bottle trees represents a soldier who died serving in WW1. The Roma district lost 136 sons which was a huge number for such a small community.

My beautiful Mum and her two grandchildren, my niece and nephew, Ele and Jonah. I took this picture on our beach holiday at Caloundra Christmas '09. I actually completed this layout when I got home, while I was still inspired!

Emily xoxo

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  1. Beautiful work as usual! :-D

    I do love that one of mum and the kids.