25 October, 2011

Waistline Wars

Over the past few years I have made several attempts to lose weight. Last year I was horrified to step on the scales and discover that I had reached an all time high of 139.9kgs. I was totally determined not to step over the 140 mark and was able to lose some weight on my own having read Women, Food & God. Although I would love to be able to say that reading that wonderful book changed me enough that I dropped it all, the problem was that if I wasn't reading it regularly I wasn't getting anywhere. I successfully lost 7 kgs but that wasn't enough.

Back in 2005/06 I lost 32kgs while attending weight watchers. There is something about paying to go each week and having to get on the scales each week that makes me more accountable. So 5 weeks ago, I rejoined weight watchers. So far I have lost 5.8kgs. Yay me! I'm more motivated than I have been since 05 and I'm enjoying my success. Marko wants me to figure out what I'm going to get for myself as my reward for each 5kg. I'm not sure yet but I'll figure something out. I'm thinking a pandora style bracelet and I can add a bead/charm for every 5kgs would work quite nicely.

So let the kgs melt away as I put less energy in than I expend in an effort to trim down!


After losing 5kgs!!

Pretty cool isn't it!!

Emily xoxo

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